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CASATALENTO: Human Resources

CasaTalento is the specialized service on human resources process, reduce their costs and improve their performance by being able to concentrate on the main focus of their business.

We provide Business Training, Recruiting and Organization, Trade Marketing, Development on topics such as the 360° evaluation, Coaching and Measuring the Working Environment for companies at a nationwide level.

Selection and Recruiting Process

The Recruiting and Selection of different talents to fill in posts of operative, administrative and technical natures, and middle and Executive level posts.

We completely believe that the contribution and identification of the employee with the company strengthens their work up to 100%; based on this, we focus the selection on the best profile. We focus not only on their capacity and exact characteristics for the job, but also the best attitude, this being the main axis of our service in our organization.

We have, at your disposal, services focused on recruiting, selection and evaluation of the staff based on your requirements:

Traditional selection of professionals using various sources of recruiting with diverse techniques of evaluation and assessment of the candidates.

Head Hunting:
Selective recruiting service for high management and strategic positions through our wide database (with evaluation processes that allow us to recruit the best talent at a nationwide level).

Trade Marketing

We understand Trade Marketing to be an essential tool in the manufacturer-consumer relationship. The fruit of their joined cooperation becomes indispensable in a highly competitive environment such as is the one of massive consumption. Its main objectives are to improve the rotation of products through the planning and coordination of promotions, developing merchandising and traffic building. This allows for the development of promotional strategies, sales of products and general services; thus raising the productivity of our clients.

Our proposal promotes that our clients can achieve streamlined processes, reduced costs and improved performance by being able to concentrate on the main focus of their businesses. Our service includes, as an option, proposals for direct participation with our client’s target which may include activities, games and free promotional material.

Staff at a Point of Sale:
Whether it is through a more traditional channel or more modern ones such as supermarkets, wholesale markets, stores and outlets in general, we have a staff database for the jobs of boosters, sampling and promoters, and also providers and shelf fillers.

BTL Brand Activations and Hosts:
We provide 360° in strategic communication, focusing our activity on developing an integral service apt for meeting any impromptu demand based on traditional BTL marketing and innovative and strong trends directed towards creating an emotional bond between the public and the brand.

Mystery Shopper:
This is a formula oriented towards analyzing the image and the performance of our client’s business. Through an anonymous visit to a point of sales where a product or service is commercialized, seeking to interact with the salespeople of the establishment and playing the part of a normal consumer with the objective of effectively measuring the degree of knowledge of the product or the service, level of customer service or the retrieval of specific information.

360° Evaluation

The 360° evaluation is a tool that, with each passing day is acquiring more demand from companies. It has been in use since the 80’s and since then, companies have taken notice of its value and the importance of human resources within the company.

The 360° evaluation is an extraordinary tool to measure the soft skills of the leaders of an organization. It takes into account all the job posts that are related to the person being evaluated (customers, interns, collaborators and bosses). It solicits feedback regarding their performance in the range of key skills for that position. It’s known as the 360° evaluation or integral evaluation because it takes into account all the representative relations that the leader or the person being evaluated possesses.

Productivity and efficiency are both determining factors of the success of an organization. The companies that have extraordinary results are those that have extraordinary people, key leaders and employees that contribute towards achieving the goals of the organization.

The evaluation of the range of key skills is fundamental for personal growth and for being able to reach one’s objective.

The results of the evaluation can be useful in these regards:

  • Internal promotions..
  • To plan training or to detect the need for training.
  • To make career and life plans.
  • To obtain objective evidence of the performance of the person to then take action based on this (letting them go, promotion, training, salary raise, and increase of responsibilities, among others).
  • Staff training for positions of greater responsibility.


Coaching is the art of assisting people to reach their objectives, overcome their limitations and empower their strengths. In this regard we promise to accompany you along this coaching process to be able to jointly identify your present situation and where you would like to get to, then together establish objectives and plan out the most appropriate course of action to achieve them.

Business Coaching is geared towards small and medium-sized Enterprises (SME), meanwhile Organizational Coaching works with large corporations.

Depending on the amount of time that your business has been active, your needs will vary. However, Business Coaching will be able to help you in these regards:

  • Creating your own company
  • Developing business skills
  • Expanding your business

Measuring the Working Environment

The focus on the client is a key element in a successful business; however, sometimes the focus on the internal client is lost (the one that provides services and generates products for the external clients). When the employees grow in a harmonious working environment, with tasks and stimulus that match their achievements, the results of the organization flow naturally and companies obtain better results.

We see, therefore, that measuring the working environment is fundamental for the continuous improvement of the processes of an organization. The companies which have greater profits generally take into account the ideas and points of view of their employees. They base themselves on the idea that if the employees are satisfied with their work and their tasks, then they will also generate satisfied customers.

These characteristics are perceived either directly or indirectly by the employees that work in this environment.

These characteristics of the organization are relatively permanent in time, set themselves apart from one organization to the other and from one area to the other within the same company.

A study on the working environment allows us to recognize and identify the type of environment and culture that is present and experienced within the organization, and thus detects strengths and Areas of Opportunity within the Company.


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