About us

We are a team of professionals in marketing and human resources, giving integral solutions to local and foreign businesses. From our beginning in 2008, not only have we gained clients, we have made great friends and strategic partners for the development of our line of business. This allows us to have a diverse offer that joins traditional tools with the latest trends supported by technologies that are used successfully in the main cities of the world. Our objective is to innovate the services of human resources and marketing in our country, minimizing the technological gap between us and first world countries. This has been recognized through different honors such as International Business Awards – IBA, Management Leadership and Business Success Award and Business Success and Entrepreneurial Spirit Award among others.

We are the representatives of leading brands in Peru in the Marketing industry and Process ERP software. We provide national companies a broad selection of solutions along with products and services that will impress their clients, and also create an unforgettable experience for their target audience.

We are committed to the commercial objectives and success of our clients, therefore we ensure we get to know each one of them fully so we can then offer solutions that fit their needs. We complete our work reliably and professionally, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Our mission

is to serve our clients with solutions give integral marketing solutions with human resources management which are creative and opportune on a national level.
Our vision

is to become strategic partners with our clients, since we are already recognized as an innovative organization by the line of business we develop.
Our commercial strategy

is based on constant innovation, competitive prices, and giving you the best service with responsibility and seriousness.
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